Afterthoughts – Beyond Physics


Recently I remembered that I had learned, early on, that a glass prism on which white light is incident, tends to bend blue light more easily than red light. Whereas with a grating red light is bent more than blue light.  The reason for this difference in dispersion of light was never explained (as far as I can remember).

That puzzle came back to me recently, together with the thought that under the conjectures developed here, blue light, having the shorter wavelength should have about twice the mass of red light – pure speculation on my part. If the interaction of light with the prism involves the interaction of masses it should be stronger for blue light then for red light. A grating, on the other hand, allows for interaction of waves, and this should favor red light, with its longer wavelength.

If we carry this thought further, and let our thoughts travel into the realm of speculation, i.e. beyond applied physics, it should also imply that blue light is more strongly bent near a large body, due to the action of gravity, than is red light. I wonder if such a phenomenon has ever been observed? Such an observation would take us, from speculation or myth, into the realm of physics.


I am deeply indebted to my friend, Dr. Peter Marquardt, for discussions, alternative points of view, and continuing dialog and cooperation, in teasing out new ways of approaching the ‘ultimate’ questions of natural science and physics.

“We have lingered by the chambers of the sea
“By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown
‘Till human voices wake us  – and we drown”
T. S. Eliot – The love song of  J. Alfred Prufrock